Go Jelly

“Go Jelly” is a sensory game that provides an effective and engaging introduction to music improvisations and creation of harmonic patterns using hand gestures. It is very helpful in promoting emotional expression, engagement and creation with artistic intent. Students are asked to freely create, gradually transform and freely modify music patterns by interacting with four (4) avatar actors on stage (Jellies), each one associated to specific pattern. With the grab gesture, the student can stretch or squeeze an actor thus affecting the music and improvising accordingly. 

For each one of the 4 actors, there can be a substitute, i.e. another actor of similar color or shape who can be brought on to the stage during a game-play in exchange for an existing actor. The teacher can specify from the settings of the game whether the child should also practice in understanding the related pairs of actors (e.g. similarity in shapes or color).

As students gain experience and confidence they can increase the density of hand movements and the expression of emotions thus offering very joyful improvisation sessions. Engaging in improvisation exercises helps reduce stress and anxiety, which in turn can improve mental health environment in the classroom. This is another game that teachers report prevents melt-downs and can beused to stave off a tantrum.

Ready to jump on the Jellies band?




I CAN statement

Select hand
  • Left
  • Right

I CAN select the button “Play” with my left hand.

Time to select item

Time for the hand to remain stable in order to select “Play” button.

Reduce the time if the child shows arm stability.

  • 0.5 sec
  • 1 sec
  • 1.5 sec
  • 2 secs
  • 2.5 secs
  • 3 secs

I CAN hold my right hand still for 1,5 seconds to select the “Play” button.


Teachers select the duration of the game- play for exposing children to music improvisations and creation of harmonic patterns.

Disable this if there are no time constraints thus as much time as needed for students to let off pressure.

  • On
  • Off

I CAN interact with the four jellies, improvise, express myself and relax for 3 minutes.

Timer value
  • 1 min
  • 2 mins
  • 3 mins
  • 4 mins
  • 5 mins
Content language
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Greek
Game mode

Choose whether the children interact with colors or shapes. 

  • Colors
  • Shapes

I CAN properly put the correct jelly in the right space.



·         The duration of game-play is displayed into the green box of the right corner.

·         A list with all the Jelly actors that the child interacted with and the time spent per actor is also displayed.