Lu Lagoon

Lu Lagoon is a multiplayer game with lively, full-body interaction that addresses sensory integration. It helps students to regulate sensory input effectively. The game incorporates sensory integration activities in a student-friendly manner that prompts the brain to process sensory information effectively. Students respond in an imaginary environment and interact with fishes by waving their hands, or jumping in the tank. They can draw the fishes to them by waving, or clapping their hands together to produce food on the screen to feed the fish. They can also scare the fishes away by jumping on screen. 

This game is great for simple keep-fit sensory integration activities to complement occupational therapy sessions for social, and emotional development. Teachers report using this game to calm a student who is agitated or about to have a tantrum or melt down. Students can play alone on screen, or can hop into the tank with classmates for a group activity. Do you dream about playing with fishes under the water? 

Jump into the Lu Lagoon!




I CAN statement


Disable/enable background music.

  • On
  • Off
Sound effects

Disable/enable sound effects while selecting an item.

  • On
  • Off

I CAN understand that there are sounds when I choose an item.

Select hand
  • Left
  • Right
Time to select item

Time to remain stable to select an item.

  • 0.5 sec
  • 1 sec
  • 1.5 sec
  • 2 secs
  • 2.5 secs
  • 3 secs

I CAN select the “Play Button”, keeping my hand stable for 3 seconds.


  • On
  • Off

Teachers select the duration of the game- play for exposing children to friendly activities that prompt the brain to process sensory information effectively.

Disable this if there are no time constraints thus as much time as needed for students to calm down.

  • 1 min
  • 2 mins
  • 3 mins
  • 4 mins
  • 5 mins

I CAN clap my hands, feed fishes and relax for 3 minutes.

Content language

Choose the language of the game content.

  • English
  • Greek
  • Spanish

I CAN read game instructions in English.

Allow feet interaction

This checkbox gives the opportunity to interact with the fishes with my feet as well.

  • On
  • Off

I CAN scare the fishes away with my feet as well.

Allow body interaction

This checkbox gives the opportunity to interact with the fishes with my whole body as well.

  • On
  • Off

I CAN draw the fishes to me with my whole body.


Pie chart data

·         This shows the total number of children that had been active during the duration of game-play.

·         The duration of game-play is displayed into the green box of the right corner.

Graph data

·         This shows how much time, each one of the students that had been active during the game-play, interacted.

·         The student who entered first into the game scenery and the interaction time is shown on the top of the chart.

·        In this case, the student who spent the longest time interacting with fishes was the second one that entered the screen.