The “Drumory” sensory learning game helps children practice to memorize and then repeat sound sequences. It offers a challenging and engaging way to enhance and measure student’s memory retention capacity by generating a growing sequence of colors and sounds that children have to mimic. The game has 4 colored touching drum pads each producing a particular sound. Thus, memory association becomes stronger by activating multiple senses.

A round in the game consists of the game lighting up 3-7 pads in a random order, after which the player should memorize and reproduce that order by air-touching the pads within a given time. The sequences get longer by one for each round. The game offers two game modes: a growing pattern where in each round a random light is added to the previous sequence; or a random pattern where a specific sequence is given which a student needs to replicate. Also, a free mode is included that allows a child to enjoy air-playing of the colored pads making sound improvisations without the need to follow a model. This game is unique for helping students improve hearing and listening, as well as training their audio-visual memory, reaction time, eye-hand coordination and mental awareness. 

Ready to touch drum pads? How many sequential lights and sound sequences can you remember?

Supported goals in

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I CAN statement


Disable/enable background music.

  • On
  • Off
Sound effects

Disable/enable sound effects while selecting an item.

  • On
  • Off

I CAN understand that there are sounds when I choose an item.

Select hand
  • Left
  • Right
  • Both

I CAN select the “Play” button with my left hand.

Time to select item

Time to remain stable to select an item.

  • 0.5 sec
  • 1 sec
  • 1.5 sec
  • 2 secs
  • 2.5 secs
  • 3 secs

I CAN select the “Play Button”, keeping my hand stable for 3 seconds.

  • On
  • Off
Timer value

Time available to complete each question.

Disable if the student feels pressure.

  • 1 min
  • 2 mins
  • 3 mins

I CAN repeat a sound sequence in 2 mins.

Content language

Choose the language of the game content.

  • English
  • Greek
  • Spanish

I CAN hear audio messages in English.

Game mode

Game mode allows teachers to choose whether a child will practice its memory skills or will enjoy air-playing of the colored drums producing sound sequences.

  • Random pattern
  • Growing pattern
  • Free mode

I CAN empower my audio-visual memory by replicating a given random pattern.

Pattern length

Pattern length allows teachers to select among 3 to 7 drum hits.

  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7

I CAN memorize and repeat 6 sounds in a row.

Number of questions

This shows the number of questions that the child is called to answer.

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

I CAN memorize and repeat 3 random patterns.


Pie chart data & Statistics

This shows statistics on the amount of time the student spent on each question and on the number of correctly and wrongly answered sound sequences.

Also, it depicts student’s tries analytically.