River Crossing

In the “River Crossing” game, the student is tasked with leading a boat in a river and transferring animals and items of a food chain from one shore to the other. The student needs to be careful not to crash the boat on rocks that exist. The child will improve visual-kinetic coordination and the graphic-kinetic skills through using this game.

Depending on the difficulty of the game which the teacher or therapist can adjust according to student level, the passage for the boat becomes narrower or wider. This game also presents a cognitive challenge where the student problem solves the river crossing puzzle with various combinations of items from the food chain. This promotes both critical thinking and an understanding of how the food chain works.

Are you ready to become a boat skipper?




I CAN statement


Disable background music

  • On
  • Off
Sound effects

Disable/enable sound effects 

  • On
  • Off

I CAN understand that there are sounds when I move an object across the river

Select hand
  • Left
  • Right

I CAN move an object with my left hand.

Time to select item

Time that student has to hold their hand still in order to select an item (loading the hand)

  • 1 sec
  • 1.5 sec
  • 2 secs
  • 2.5 secs
  • 3 secs

I CAN hold my hand still for 2 seconds to select an object.

Game rules

Depending on the triad of animals & plants, the student need to solve the problem of not letting two items on the same river bank that can eat each other. For example, the fox will eat the duck-  The duck will eat the corn-  The fox will not eat the corn.

  • On
  • Off

Enabled game rules: I CAN understand that the duck will eat the corn if they are on the same side.

Food Chain

This function allows learners to practice with the food chain through a variety of triads of items.

  • Fox - Chicken - Corn
  • Wolf - Goat - Cabbage
  • Snake - Mouse - Cheese
  • Lion - Zebra - Grass
  • Cat - Mouse - Cheese
  • Eagle - Snake - Mouse
  • Snake - Frog - Fly
  • Frog - Grasshopper - Grass
  • Bird - Caterpillar - Leaves
  • Anteater - Ant - Leaves
  • Eagle - Squirrel - Acorn
  • Lizard - Grasshopper - Grass
  • Eagle - Lizard - Grasshopper
  • wolf_deer_plant

I CAN understand the concept of the food chain for a variety of living beings.

Game difficulty

The harder levels mean a narrower passage.

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard

I CAN move an object across the river.

I CAN avoid crashing the object with the rocks in a narrow river.


Time to solve the riddle.

Disable this if the student feels pressure.

  • On
  • Off

I CAN solve the riddle under the pressure of time.



·      It shows the selected settings for the particular session


·      The time for each route is shown on the top right corner

·      The report shows all the routes that the student performs while moving an item across the river

The selected settings show whether the task is more or less challenging for the students